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Terms and Conditions

Being of sound mind and legal age, I hereby agree that I have requested information about ProCapitalGain and have expressed interest in being a member.

I have read the General Disclaimer above. I understand it and undertake to abide by it.

I hereby affirm that nobody has solicited me or enticed me to register with ProCapitalGain against my will.

I have NOT been led to believe that this activity is an investment activity, franchise, or employment opportunity.

I affirm that I am not an employee, by contract or otherwise, of any media or research company and I am not reading any of the ProCapitalGain information in order to collect information for someone else.

I hereby affirm that my registration as an ProCapitalGain Member is an act of my own volition, and will entitle me access to private and confidential information which I will keep confidential.

The ProCapitalGain service is provided on an as-is basis. No guarantees or warranties are provided that the service will be available at any particular times or that it will satisfy any particular quality expectations. The owners and managers of ProCapitalGain are held harmless in respect of any failure or degradation of service.

Any member may terminate his or her membership in any time by filling the Account Termination Form which can be requested through our support page. Once a membership has been deleted, it CANNOT be restored. If you choose to terminate your membership, you will irrevocably lose all of your payments in accordance with the package purchased. You also forfeit all future benefits from ProCapitalGain, including the right to receive refunds.

The ProCapitalGain managers will ignore all unnecessary emails sent to them. The primary example of an unnecessary email is a question already answered on the ProCapitalGain FAQ section. All members and prospective members should read the entire ProCapitalGain FAQ thoroughly.

ProCapitalGain managers may change any aspect of the ProCapitalGain Terms & Conditions at any time without notice.

The ProCapitalGain program may not be abused in any way. Any member who abuses ProCapitalGain will be removed and banned from re-entering. All decisions made by the ProCapitalGain managers are final and not subject to recourse.

ProCapitalGain will only allow each member to own 1 account (1 ID, one account), and payout/withdrawal request to member's own personal bank account only, not third party or company account name.

You agree that all payments to ProCapitalGain are final and that ProCapitalGain has a strict no-refund policy, except in case of 7 Days Money Back Guarantee expressly allows refunds. ProCapitalGain has the rights to revoke/deduct all earnings with or without any notice.

Individual ProCapitalGain members are not responsible for the performance of ProCapitalGain or any other programs, products, and services provided by ProCapitalGain. Individual ProCapitalGain members, including those who introduce, or refer other members, incur no liabilities or obligations in respect of ProCapitalGain financial decisions and directions and any other programs, products, and services launched by ProCapitalGain.

I understand that if I decide to join ProCapitalGain, I will be joining a private association to build a base of leads that I can use for any home-based business the association may join and/or any legal businesses or opportunities (other than those of a sexually explicit nature or otherwise objectionable nature) I wish to promote.

I affirm that I am not an employee or official of any government agency, nor am I acting on behalf of or collecting information for or on behalf of any government agency.

I affirm that all the information about or related to ProCapitalGain (other than that on the pages available to non-members and the marketing materials authorized for public use) is proprietary and confidential and I will not reveal said information to anyone else.

I affirm that any suggestions of how much can possibly be earned with ProCapitalGain does not constitute a promise that any specific individual will achieve any particular level of profits. I understand that there are no profits guarantees and that any money I risk may be lost or losses can exceed deposits.

I hereby affirm that my registration as a ProCapitalGain Member is an act of my own volition, and will entitle me access to private and confidential information which I will keep confidential.

Sending "spam" (unsolicited email) to promote ProCapitalGain is not allowed. If the ProCapitalGain managers determine that a member used spam to promote ProCapitalGain, that membership will be terminated immediately. For more information, see our Spam Policy.

ProCapitalGain members receive their own unique web pages which they may use to promote ProCapitalGain.

ProCapitalGain managers may refer to the Legal Compliance Department for action should a member be found in violation of company policy. The Legal Compliance Department has the discretion to close member accounts for wrongdoing, but will be scrupulously fair and diligent in determining all the facts before suggesting any such action to the Executive staff. (To foster goodwill, it's not in the interest of the ProCapitalGain managers to use this power capriciously. Our policy is to be scrupulously fair in all cases. We encourage you to check online for complaints regarding membership termination in ProCapitalGain, those complaints are virtually non-existent.)

ProCapitalGain Technology has the rights to make any changes, and the final decision will be decided by ProCapitalGain management only.

It is your responsibility to make sure your payment system account IDs are accurate and up-to-date. ProCapitalGain is not responsible for any missed payments due to inaccurate information or the upkeep of your payment system accounts.

It is your responsibility to check your payment system accounts to be sure you actually received all payments that you should have received. Because certain payments are made member to member in ProCapitalGain, the ProCapitalGain system cannot confirm that any payments between members were actually made.

When members fund their ProCapitalGain Wallets, the purpose of such funding is to buy Services/Products. Members may not withdraw newly added funds (from "external funding") from their ProCapitalGain Wallets before purchasing in the above programs, only withdrawing what has been earned from these activities or referral earned.

In the event of a disagreement between two members regarding payments, it is the responsibility of the members involved to resolve the disagreement. The ProCapitalGain managers hold no responsibility at all in such scenarios.