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   Shutting down CryptoCurrency Token   07/03/2018

Hi Investor,

We're sorry and regret to inform that we're offically shutting down tokens investment program. Those tokens that still in active state, will be in matured/released state as part of shutting process.

If you have any concern please do raise before 10th March 2018, any quries/questions after that we will not entertain.


   Referral Bonus for Month of March 2017   11/04/2017

Greetings from ProCapitalGain,

Kindly check your eWallet for referral bonues! And thank you for your support.

Thank you & Regards,

Finance Team of ProCapitalGain

   Sign-up in our Cryto-Currency!   10/03/2017

Having trouble to invest huge amounts? Now you can start your investment with $30 per token and earn cash back in min a month, enjoy net profits of 365%, with 100% money back guarantee!!!

   ProCapitalGain   13/11/2016

Our website is now upgraded and open to public. You can sign up with your e-mail address or soon you can use your Facebook / Google account to sign in.

Any questions? Just create a support ticket via portal!